In case you are having any problems with studying, grades or your career, here's some help for you.

The grade you got did not match with the effort you put in. The courses do not cover BBAs career opportunities enough. Your personal life does not seem to fit with your studies. The internship is not going as agreed with the employer. 

Have you ever thought that these kinds of problems are extremely common among students? Has it ever crossed your mind that help for your problems can be found surprisingly close by?

Trombi offers their members personal help and guidance for problems related to both studies and worklife. Often the solution to these problems is surprisingly simple. We co-operate with the staff of the BBA unit and METKA among other associations. With them we manage to solve the most of BBA students problems. The Students of Business and Technology helps when the problem concerns internships or working life.

Harassment Contact Persons

You can contact our harassment contact persons when you have experienced or witnessed harassment. Their job is to help, guide and support those who have come to contact with harassment. A harassment contact person does not solve things, but is an unbiased help. Conversations with a harassment contact person are always confidential.

Harassment includes all kinds of inappropriate treatment all the way from name-calling to sexual harassment. You can contact our harassment contact persons even if you are unsure about experiencing harassment – the situation can be evaluated together with a harassment contact person. Also a person who has witnessed harassment might need support and help even if they haven't been harassed.  Our goal is to create a safe environment for everyone and intervene in possible problems, and guide people towards help if needed. 

You can contact our harassment contact persons during or after an event. You can contact them face-to-face or via email – choose the way that feels the most comfortable to you.

Jonna Ahlajoki

Dani Puukko

Netta Pikkusaari

Don't hesitate to contact Trombi's board when something is on your mind – 

 we exist for our members!