The Students of Business and Technology is a national student union focusing only on promoting the interest of business and technology students and a community for all BBA students. They have more than 14 000 members and 28 member associations around Finland.


They support BBA students in preparing for working life, provide help in work-related issues and coach BBA students in all questions concerning career and work. They increase knowledge and appreciation of the BBA degree. The appreciation of BBAs in working life is most effected by the BBAs' pride for their own education and skills. Their job is to present the variety of BBAs' possibilities and expertise. 

A strong BBA identity is built during the studies through activities and events and by making sure that BBA students are aware of all the possibilities their degree offers. They make sure that BBA students are treated fairly in working life. With the help of salary recommendations and counseling they aim to ensure that BBA students' salaries are on a right level. They help BBA students to get employed by offering career coaching and information on work possibilities. They actively take part in developing the education of BBAs. They stress the importance of high and aligned quality of the BBA education throughout Finland as well as reasonable educational volumes. By attending to these issues they ensure that BBAs are able to get employed to jobs equivalent to the degree.

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